Portable Microwave Links

Control units mux together for multi channel video transmission
Control units mux together for multi channel video transmission
MLV Portable Microwave Link
MLV Portable Microwave Link

MLV-Series microwave links represent the next generation of portable outside broadcast microwave links but are available today in all frequency bands from 1GHz to 23GHz. 

Designed for point to point transmission of single or multiple video and associated audio channels in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, standard or high definition formats the MLV-series meets the demands of the most discerning professional broadcast engineers. 

Systems comprise RF head units and control units which can be separated by up to 600m of RG214 coaxial cable with standard N type interfaces.  Options are also available for triaxial cable with Lemo connectors and fibre optic cable. 

Head units can be connected back to back as a non-demodulating IF repeater and control units can be connected back to back for use as a cross site inter facility link (IFL).  With the fibre optic option the separation distance can be up to several kilometres with no degradation in performance.

In standard configuration the RF head units are IP65 fully weatherproof and rated for permanent outdoor operation in temperatures from -20 to +60º C.  Control units are supplied with handles, designed to protect the front and back panels from damage and which can be quickly swapped out for rack mount ears.  Two control units can then mount side by side in 2 “U” X 19” rack mount space.  A further optional environmental ruggedisation kit protects the control units from dust and moisture for outdoor use.

Giga-Com’s quick release mechanics allow for simplex, duplex or 2+1 RF head unit configurations to be rapidly mounted on a tripod using gloved hands with no tools or loose parts and a range of parabolic, helix and horn antennas can be attached directly with no interconnecting cables or waveguides.

Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) IF is available as an option on receive control units allowing up to 4 RF head units to be connected for enhanced performance in high multipath ENG environments. This combined with ENG accessories such as vehicle mast mount kit and central receive antenna package further extends the versatility of the MLV series.


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Portable Microwave Links

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