Fixed Microwave Links

System ready for shipment
System ready for shipment
Two-box solution, Fixed Link
Two-box solution, Fixed Link

FLV series fixed microwave links are designed for maximum versatility, allowing GigaSat’s highly experienced system engineers to integrate for virtually any requirement.

Typical applications would be distribution of single or multiple digital video channels and/or audio circuits with complexity ranging from a basic single hop studio-transmitter link (STL) or transmitter-studio link (TSL) to a complete cross country microwave backbone.

The FLV-series can be supplied in all frequency bands and two standard configurations. The modulator and demodulator are both 1RU construction and can be equipped for all standards of video and or audio encoding, decoding and compression.  There is then a split at 70MHz or optionally L-band (1 to 2GHz) and the RF section can either be 1RU for a conventional rack mount system or it can be fully weatherproof and mast mounted adjacent to the antenna. For a basic system, no waveguide and simplified installation can make the split system very efficient in terms of RF losses and at the same time very cost effective.

Giga-Com fixed microwave links are individually designed to meet specific customer requirements and accessories include hot standby and N+1 switching arrangements, hitless diversity switches plus a comprehensive range of antennas, waveguides and dehydrators etc.

Please discuss your overall project goal with us and we’ll be happy to work with you to design a system to meet or surpass that goal.

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Fixed Microwave Links

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